How a Home or Business Standby System Works

A standby generator system has two parts:

1. The actual generator always ready to produce the power needed to run your desired home or business appliances.

2. An transfer panel that the electrician will attach to your regular house electric panel. This installation work will allow you to use several pulg in your home or business, and also keep the heat and the refrigerator running. When utility power has been cut off or interrupted, the electric service is then transferred to your generator.

Manual Start or Fixed Automatic Generators - what's the difference?
The major difference between the manual and the fixed generator is the fixed generator has a special piece of equipment installed that will automatically turn on the generator once you lose power. It monitors the regular power and "knows' when the power has turned off. It turns on automatically by itself.

The manual start generator must be turned on by hand, either with a simple "pull start" method or with an electric start button (optional) on the generator itself. (electric start has its own battery power to start it up)

Selecting a Generator Size for your Home or Business:

Our company electricians will assist you in a Free Evaluation of your electricity needs and help you choose the best generator system.

If you are interested, the chart below can help you determine what appliances and equipment you will need to run individually and simultaneously. Check the wattage requirements on each item and total the wattages of all equipment to be run simultaneously. If you do not know the wattage requirements of certain tools and/or appliances, they can be found by applying this formula:   volts x amps = watts.

Sample Wattage table
Small Appliances
Large Appliances
Watts Needed
Watts Needed
600 Dishwasher
Coffee Pot
550 - 700
Microwave 700 - 1500
Home Stereo
100 - 200 Stove (per element)
500 - 1500
500 - 1000
Electric Water Heater
Curling Iron
20 - 50
Refrigerator 800 (starting 1500 - 2000)
Electric Blanket
50 - 200 Freezer 800 (starting 1500 - 2000)
Vacuum Cleaner
400 - 500
Furnace Blower Motor
800 (starting 1500 - 2000)
Electric Skillet 1000 - 1350
Electric Furnace
4500 (starting same)
Hair Dryer
350 - 1000
1/2 HP Well Pump
1300 (starting 3000 - 4000)
Clothes Iron
500 - 1200
1 HP Well Pump
1500 (starting 3500 - 5000)
Light Bulb
40 - 100 2 HP Well Pump
2000 (starting 5000 - 6000)
Space Heater
1000 - 1500
Washing Machine
200 - 600
Electric Clothes Dryer
5500 (starting 8000)
750 - 1200 Starting means the watts needed
to start up/turn on the appliance.
150 - 200


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